March 14th, 2014

Blogs post I read this week


Organization Tool: The Compact Calendar

For the blogs that I at least attempt organization, I just have pen to paper method of when post categories should come out. If I actually followed it, I would have posts 5 days a week. But only if you are new here do you not know of my penchant for procrastination. Doing ok on having these posts on Fridays right? Lol.

Monetization Tip: Affiliate Link Your Images

I learned the advantages of doing this a few years back but it makes a good read for newbies. What is not mentioned that you can grab images from Amazon (or your other affiliate site) for almost any subject.

How to Post to Your WordPress Blog from Anywhere on the Web

This is nifty. I never really explored what the Press This button was all about. Now I just have to figure out how to use it for multiple blogs. Still nifty though.

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Good or Bad?: The Super Massive RSS Subscribe Button

Its eyecatching. But its superbig. But it is eyecatching though. I am of two minds about this one. Probably one of those things where the proof is in the pudding. Anyone want to test to see if you get more subscribers with a giant button? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? (Dated reference, I know.)


21 Ways to Dominate Social Media Marketing

Talk about having your day scheduled. Lol. And they say that all bloggers do all day is post a blog. Yeah, right! At least he scheduled in some free time.

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