August 12th, 2011

Blogging Goals for

I took a vacation from blogging and now I am back, refreshed and full of ideas for my main blog,

One idea is to change the name. I looked at names like and but they, of course, were taken. Seems as if all of the one word sites are long gone. Meanwhile, I have a few ideas for two word ones that hopefully will not be gone by the time I come up with the scratch to buy it.

Another goal is to be in the top 10 of the Adgitize Leaderboard. I’m just curious if being up there will increase my stats and, thus, have a positive impact on my earnings.

Goal number three is to get it to cost over 1000 Entrecard points in order to advertise on my blog. During my hiatus, it dropped all the way down to 2, the absolute lowest it can go.

And my final goal is to get my pagerank all the way up to a PR 4. On this I am not starting from scratch since my pagerank still maintains a respectable PR1 despite the intermittant nature of my posts. Lol.

All of these things, while not providing direct income, should certainly reflect in an increase in Google Adsense clicks. If not, then it will definitely reflect in the value of ad space for those purchasing on Project Wondeful and how much I should charge on CMFads, right?

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