September 1st, 2016

August 2016 Blog Stat Reports Review

Not only have I been totally slacking on updating these blog stat and income report posts but I have been slacking on blogging pretty much altogether.

We all know that life gets like that sometimes.

I was so busy taking care of the present that I neglected to prepare for the future.

Since I am getting back to my first love (blogging), I thought I was start with an State of the Blogs update.

I am starting from scratch with August stats and then, starting next month, I will be putting up the comparison stats to help us track my blogs’ growth.

All of my traffic stats are pulled from google analytics.



  • 219 Visitors for an average of 0:10 minutes
  • 21.46% Search, 49.32% Social, 20.55% Referral, 8.68% Direct
  • 42.59% Facebook, 0.93% Pinterest, 0.93% StumbleUpon

Top 5 Posts

  1. How to make your Atahualpa theme more mobile friendly
  2. Plugin: Auto Adsense Sections
  3. How to remove 503 Temporarily Unavailable Error Code with Dreamhost
  4. App of the Month: WP Touch Mobile
  5. Changed Domain? Now you need to change feedburner


  • 670 Visitors for an average of 1:18 minutes
  • 27.91% Social, 43.58% Search, 21.94% Direct, 6.57% Referral
  • 37.43% Facebook, 2.14% Twitter, 5.88% Pinterest, 17.11% StumbleUpon, 0.53% Google Plus

Top Posts:

  1. I am an Amazon Flex Driver
  2. The good, the bad, and the ugly of Amazon Flex
  3. I want to be in a Female Led Relationship
  4. I work as a search engine evaluator for Leapforce, Inc
  5. My Walmart Savings Catcher was deleted


  • 77 Visitors for an average 00:12 minutes
  • 51.95% Referral, 11.69% Direct, 15.58% Social, 19.48% Search
  • 8.33% Facebook, 41.67% StumbleUpon, 8.33% Pinterest, 41.67% Twitter
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Top Posts:

  1. Free Romance Books 8/31/2016
  2. Impetuous by Lori Foster
  3. NEW RELEASE: Dirty Sexy Cuffed (Dirty Sexy Series Book 3) by Carly Phillips
  4. NEW RELEASE: Fire Bound by Christine Feehan
  5. Free Kindle Romance eBooks 3.31.16




398 Visitors for an average 01:18 minutes

64.32% Search, 10.30% Referral, 19.35% Direct, 5.53% Social, 0.50% Email

50.00% Facebook, 0% Pinterest,13.64% Twitter, 13.64% StumbleUpon

Top Posts/Pages

  1. Dallas Housing Authority
  2. Fresno CA Section 8 Waiting List still open
  3. Belmont, NY Section 8 Waiting List Open
  4. San Antonio Housing Authority waiting list for Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers will reopen
  5. Osceola County, Florida Section 8 Housing Waiting List Open

First, we’ll start with my generic stats and then move on to the individual blogs:

Facebook Friends: 1,030

Pinterest: 1,099

Google Plus:  277


Facebook Page: 78

Twitter: 200

Pinterest Board: 851

Google Plus Page: 40

Subscribers: 7


Facebook Page: 549

Twitter: 2139

Pinterest Board: 851

Google Plus Page: 92

Subscribers: 21


Facebook Page: 149

Twitter: 82

Pinterest Board: 833

Google Plus Page: 8

Subscribers: 6


Facebook Page: 88

Twitter: 80

Pinterest Board: 826

Google Plus Page: 33

Subscribers: 43

I also started another website,, but it hasn’t been active long and I just started some of the social media accounts.

Adsense Earnings:

January: $14.04

Februrary: $27.81

March: $15.51

April: $19.98

May 2016: $20.16

June 2016: $41.86

July 2016: $27.89

August 2016: $20.22

I credit my stats to the Revive Old Posts plugin and the use of BoardBooster for Pinterest.

I also need to go back to implementing Buffer.

September 2016 Blog Goals:

Open Amazon Affiliate Account Done 9/3/2016

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Pay for BoardBoaster Account

Pay my inLinks account

Add Revive Old Posts to each website

Add images to all posts

Use Buffer

So, that is the end of my report for last month. If you wrote a post, feel free to leave it in the comments below. I love reading them. Sometimes I get good ideas on what I should be adding to mine. Plus, I have a tendency to share them on social media! 😉


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