May 15th, 2014

April 2014 Blog Income Report

Recently, my friend’s renewed interest in blogging, and especially how to make money blogging, has resparked my interest in blogging, especially how to make money from my blog.

Thus, I have decided to jump in on the trend of reporting my income from blogging on a monthly basis (my income from working from home in general will be found on

I have also decided to only report the income that has hit my bank account.

If I can’t spend it, it doesn’t count, right?

For those of you who are here looking for those big numbers, I hate to disappoint you, but that number is a big fat zero.

For the month of April 2014, I earned absolutely nothing from my blogs.

But, to be fair, I didn’t exactly put any work in either.

Just the occasional post here and there.

So, this post will actually be more exciting for those who are looking to follow along a hopefully success story.

So What Steps Am I Taking To Increase My Blog Income?

The two major steps that I am taking to increase my blog income is to

  • be more consistent with my post schedules
  • work more on the social networks
  • leave more comments on other blogs and forums
  • investigate more ways to get paid for blogging beyond adsense, amazon, and projectwonderful

So here’s to next month (June 15th 2014) where I will hopefully be showing you some positive results on how I made money blogging.

If you have an blogging income report post to share, please leave it in the comments. I can guarantee you at least one blip (ME!) in your traffic report.

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1 comment to April 2014 Blog Income Report

  • I appreciate your honesty and applaud you on reporting income. I’ve been studying income reports lately and love how these can be inspiring in helping others to move forward with their goals. Can’t wait to see your blog growth!

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