April 20th, 2016

App of the Month: WP Touch Mobile

The WP Touch Mobile WordPress Plugin turns any website instantly mobile responsive with your one click

Hello, my fellow Amateur Bloggers.

This month, I am starting a new blog series entitled App of the Month. This new series will feature an app that I just love.

This month, that app is WP Touch Mobile, a app that instantly makes your website mobile responsive for FREE. And I just can’t tell you how much I love it.

Amablogger's App of the Month Review is the Plugin WP Mobile Touch which instantly makes your entire website mobile responsive

Previously, I wrote this post, How to make your Atahualpa Theme More Mobile Friendly on this blog. And it works great. No complaints here, really. But I just like the way that WP Touch Mobile presents better.

In fact, despite that all of my websites use the Atahualpa theme, I was actually using the WordPress Jetpack on all my blogs but I wasn’t really a fan. But being that I am not a professionally website designer, I needed something that was easy to use. Basically, plug-n-play.

WP Touch Mobile allows me to:

  • Use the same url that my regular theme uses so nothing changes
  • Add a header image to match my desktop theme
  • Change the color of the mobile theme to match my desktop theme
  • Decide which devices will be showed the mobile responsive theme
  • Have featured post at the top of the blog
  • Show social media icons
  • Show the amount of comments

WP Mobile Touch Before-After Image: quickly and easily makes websites mobile response


In fact, there are only a few things that I want to change about the plugin:

  1. Home Button: I want a Home button. Some people are not phone/web savvy so they won’t know to click on the blog title to go back to the home page.
  2. Categories. There is a drop down box for pages that you can have on either the right or left side but I don’t see one for categories.
  3. Mobile on Tablets: I want
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Other than few things, so far, I am in deep lust with WP Touch Mobile. If so, what would you like to see added or changed? Or do you use this plugin, a different plugin, or are you web savvy enough to make your website responsive in your sites html?

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