January 10th, 2012

Adgitize is Closing

Adgitize is closing.

Yet another good program has bitten the dust.

If I had either the money (or let’s face it, the talent) to run CMFads or Adgitize, I would have made an offer to buy them.

Because it was all about the traffic to my other sites for me.

Making a profit would have been a secondary goal.

Not a criticism, by any means, just thinking out loud from my own perspective.

Anywho, you will be proud to know that Adgitize went out like the true champ that it was and refunded everybody’s money.

My initial payment was a prorated refund for the two ads that I had in the system.

My secondary payment was the money that I had earned (that I usually just turned into to credits to advertise).

Good bye and Godspeed…

I, for one, will miss you…

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