August 18th, 2013

Adding a Directory Using Keywords

My first stepsĀ  of my own personal Niche Challenge was inspired by a step, Niche Site Earnings and Directory Listing Update, in the first Nite Site Dual by Pat of Smart Passive Income.

This has been a long put off project of adding each county/city/state housing authority to my website.

Put off because I knew that this would be a time consuming task.

Obviously, I am not charging these government agencies to be listed in my directory.

First thing that I did was use the Adword Tool to search my keyword.

What I found was quite a few searches for the housing authorities.

Thus, I decided to add a listing of the housing authorities to my website.

Unfortunately, there are literally thousands of them.

So, being the little sneak that I am, I sorted the keyword tool from highest to lowest CPC and made a list of housing authorities and other relevant keywords.

Later, it occurred to me that I should have just did a search for housing authorities (duh!) but I didn’t bother to change my strategy as I was almost finished.

Thus a list four pages long was born.

Next, I found the various housing authorities and made them each a page.

Ok, so I am still doing this part.

Did I mention that there are thousands of those lil’ buggers.

Adding a few bits of facts along the way to give a bit extra SEO juice takes a bit of time too.

I also made a post on the blog asking my readers to send me any contact information of the housing authority that they would like to see added immediately.

And finally, I am going through my older blog posts and finding the housing authorities that I have already listed and adding them to the directory as well.

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I will also be taking a look at my stats to see if any housing authorities not listed show up in my results.

With these methods, I should have a fair portion of the housing authorities added to my directory before the month is out.

Have you started your Niche Challenge yet? And, if so, what were your first steps?

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