May 16th, 2014

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March Traffic and Income Report – $17,118.92

First, the bloggers shared their very impressive blog earnings. I would be happy with just the Adsense income myself. Of course they also showed the expenses in running their blog. Net profit of $17k. Very, very nice.

A good tip was the 1% rule. That is that the goal is to simply improve 1%. A very doable goal. I should easily be able to improve my blogs 1% each month as should you.

Then, of course, came the traffic reports. Yeah, my numbers are nowhere those. But the numbers prove again that the more traffic, the more income.

It also showed that the amount of folks visiting via their mobile device is increasing by leaps and bounds.

 Kiersten from Oh My Veggies shared some tips that she learned as she grew her blog’s RPM (revenue per impression) from $1.55 to over $19 in less than two years!

She mentions that one of the secrets to her success was not posting what she wanted to post but instead posting what her readers wanted to read.

Additional tips include:

  • optimize your ads
  • treat your blog like a business
  • don’t quit your day job
  • content first, money second
  • diversify your income streams

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