May 1st, 2016

May 2016 Blog Income, Traffic, Goals, and Linkup

Welcome to May 2016’s Blog Income, Traffic, Goals, and Linkup post.

Wow, April was a busy month.

I learned a lot.

I tried a few things.

I failed at a few things.

Some things that I tried, I won’t be able to see the until well into this month, so the results will probably be reported on my June 2016 Blog Income report.


Well, let’s get started by looking at my April 2016 Goals success and failures. I put the failures in red (boo!) and the successes (woo hoo!). The kinda dids are in grey.


  • Journal my blogging journal every day
  • Write at least one “how to” or “review” post a week.
  • Fix that pesky plugin problem
  • Start a linkup


  • Write one post a week
  • Fix the header
  • Insert a special google adsense code in the center of my top 10 most popular posts



  • Write one blog post every for every day of the week
  • Fix the header
  • Check out what the competition is doing

Social Goals

My other goals are just generic social activities to bring my self more traffic and comments.

  • Continue using the Facebook blogging groups on weekends only
  • Read blogs that I subscribe to via email and leave thoughtful comments
  • Decide on a unified brand look for every blog
  • Make an image for every post and pin it
  • On Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon spend 10 minutes on each everyday  reading and sharing other people’s stuff
  • Add my posts to as many linkups as possible
  • Make sure that my Buffer stays full of my posts everyday
  • Cross promote my blogs as possible

My failures came not as a result of me not doing the work but, rather, spending that valuable time trying to fix website problems.

One of the major ones came with the WordPress update in which the Visual/Text buttons were not working. Also, my Add Media buttons were malfunctioning after the update as well. A combination of rolling back to a back-up copy on my webhost plus going through and testing/deleting plugins seemed to have solved the problem. But that took several long, frustrating days to figure out and accomplish.

Plus, it completely threw me off my schedule as I was doing that instead of actually writing posts, writing posts instead of being social, and being social rather than checking off items on my lists. It took to the end of the month before I felt that I was at last catching up. (Even as I type this, WP is telling me that I don’t have permission to add a category. Really?? If I don’t, who does????)

In addition to that distraction, I also did a few things that were not on my goals list such as connect each of my websites to MailChimp.

I probably will be able to fix the header myself on MsCrookedHalo but I am probably going to have to hire a web designer to get SingedWings to look the way that I want.



  • Last Month: 135 Visitors for an average of 5:16 minutes
  • This Month: 806 Visitors for an average of 2:09 minutes


  • Last Month: 349 Visitors for an average of 2:45 minutes
  • This Month: 873 Visitors for an average of 3:06 minutes


  • Last Month: 18 Visitors for an average 0:00 minutes
  • This Month: 57 Visitors for an average 0:57 minutes


  • Last Month: 737 Visitors for an average 1:14 minutes
  • This Month: 524 Visitors for an average 1:53 minutes

MsCrookedHalo went up because of the amount of effort that I put into it with pinning, using Buffer to autopost, and focusing on it in my FaceBook groups 4 days/week.

Weirdly, my Amablogger and SingedWings Google Analytic stats are wrong because Amablogger was pulling stats from Singedwings. It was weird. So, I deleted the code and recopied the correct code into each blog. Hopefully, that fixed the problem and my stats for next month will be more accurate.


Last month, I neglected to put in my social follower numbers to that we can have something to compare. So, we’ll just start from here and keep it moving.

First, we’ll start with my generic stats and then move on to the individual blogs:






Weeelllll, as far as actual money in my greedy lil’ hands, that would be a whopping $0. I was about $6 away from meeting the $100 Google Adsense payout minimum. My last check was $105.06 in December 2015.

  • January: $14.04
  • Februrary: $27.81
  • March: $15.51
  • April: $19.98

However, I did see an increase in my Adsense income on individual blogs the past month as I tested ad blocks locations.

As far as each individual blog, VoucherList, my niche blog, was the by far winner. But my lifestyle blog got in the game a smidgen more this month. Especially once I discovered the WP Touch Mobile plugin.

  • VoucherList: $18.40
  • MsCrookedHalo: $0.90
  • SingedWings: $0.66
  • Amablogger: $0.01

So, which locations were the winners?

  • Voucherlist: Post Footer
  • MsCrookedHalo: Post Header
  • SingedWings: Sidebar
  • Amablogger: Post Header

I think it will take a couple more months of testing before I can draw any conclusions about ad placement on each blog.

Amazon Associates got on my ever loving nerves this month as they kept cancelling my account for one reason or another. And, it seemed to happen whenever I actually made a sell. Grrr. After the 3rd time, I had to walk away for a bit. Maybe I’ll try again in a couple of months.

Meanwhile, I am have joined other affiliate networks and applied and was approved for various companies. I will be kicking those into gear with new strategies in May. We’ll see how it goes and, of course, I’ll keep you updated.

Still no sponsored posts. :-( Of course, I think I only spent 1 day applying so, you know, that might be the reason, right?


Blogging Goals:

One goal that I am still debating back and forth is creating another niche blog. A niche blog is clearly the big money maker. Plus, it is on another issue close to my heart. But, alas, I already have a lot on my plate.


  1. Fix Header
  2. Post Daily
  3. Add images to old posts


  1. Fix Header
  2. Post Weekly
  3. SEO old posts
  4. Decide on blog purpose/tagline
  5. Design Subscriber Incentive
  6. Add images to old posts


  1. Post Daily “Freebie” List
  2. Start “Book Club”
  3. Review one book per week
  4. Write romance industry posts
  5. Add images to old posts


  1. Add images to old posts
  2. Write one “plugin of the month” post
  3. Write one “how to” post
  4. Write weekly “linkup” post
  5. Write monthly income post ***Done!!!***

Traffic Goals:

Increase traffic to each blog to an average of 4,000 across all 4 blogs

Social Goals:

Increase each social media by at least 31 followers each by sharing

Income Goals:

  1. Get paid by Adsense!!
  2. Earn money with affiliate programs
  3. Do at least one sponsored post

Thanks for reading. If you write an income, traffic, or goal post, feel free to add it in the linkup below.

An InLinkz Link-up

You may even add this linkup to your own blog with the following code.

get the InLinkz code

Or you can start your own linkup with simple to learn and use inLinkz.

April 27th, 2016

How to Make a Giant Pin Invisible on Your Blog

How to make a big image invisible so that it can be pinned to Pinterest.

But, if you are like me, you don’t want that gigantic, awkward picture taking up residence on your post.

How to make an Invisible Pinnable Image on your blog for Pinterest.

Well, thanks to Uncork Your Dork (a post that you should really read as it is chocked full of good blogging tips), I just learned how to make that hubba bubba image be invisible on my post.

Here is the code you’ll want to use:

<div style=”display: none;”><img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-281″ src=”×1024.jpg” alt=”Your Etsy Image backgrounds play an important role in creating a uniform etsy shop and increasing conversions and sales with your customers.” width=”593″ height=”1024″ /></div>

The blue area is where you put the url to your image.

The pink is your keyword rich description. 

Make sure that your description is actual sentences since they will be pulled up with the pin and added as the description that other Pinterest folks will read.

Now, when you view your post, that image should not be visible.

But, if you click the Pinterest button in your browser (you do have that, right?), the image is there and ready for your visitor to pin, baby, pin.

Now, I highly recommend that you put this code at the very beginning of your post so that it will be the very first image the pinner sees and, thus, your masterpiece will be most likely crowned The One Most Likely To Be Pinned.

Let me know if you have any problems with this. Don’t forget to subscribe as I bring you more useful tips from around the web.

April 20th, 2016

App of the Month: WP Touch Mobile

Hello, my fellow Amateur Bloggers.

This month, I am starting a new blog series entitled App of the Month. This new series will feature an app that I just love.

This month, that app is WP Touch Mobile, a app that instantly makes your website mobile responsive for FREE. And I just can’t tell you how much I love it.

Amablogger's App of the Month Review is the Plugin WP Mobile Touch which instantly makes your entire website mobile responsive

Previously, I wrote this post, How to make your Atahualpa Theme More Mobile Friendly on this blog. And it works great. No complaints here, really. But I just like the way that WP Touch Mobile presents better.

In fact, despite that all of my websites use the Atahualpa theme, I was actually using the WordPress Jetpack on all my blogs but I wasn’t really a fan. But being that I am not a professionally website designer, I needed something that was easy to use. Basically, plug-n-play.

WP Touch Mobile allows me to:

  • Use the same url that my regular theme uses so nothing changes
  • Add a header image to match my desktop theme
  • Change the color of the mobile theme to match my desktop theme
  • Decide which devices will be showed the mobile responsive theme
  • Have featured post at the top of the blog
  • Show social media icons
  • Show the amount of comments

WP Mobile Touch Before-After Image: quickly and easily makes websites mobile response


In fact, there are only a few things that I want to change about the plugin:

  1. Home Button: I want a Home button. Some people are not phone/web savvy so they won’t know to click on the blog title to go back to the home page.
  2. Categories. There is a drop down box for pages that you can have on either the right or left side but I don’t see one for categories.
  3. Mobile on Tablets: I want

Other than few things, so far, I am in deep lust with WP Touch Mobile. If so, what would you like to see added or changed? Or do you use this plugin, a different plugin, or are you web savvy enough to make your website responsive in your sites html?

April 11th, 2016

Amazing Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

For months and months now, I have been on the hunt for a great (and free!) Amazon plugin. Mostly for my book blog but also for any posts on my other blogs that might use an Amazon Assoicate Link. Alas, my hunt continues and I will probably end up having to invest some money (gotta spend money to make money, right?).

My main goal was bigger images than the ones provided on the Amazon Sitestripe. Bonus if I can find an app that would go back and change my Amazon Associate links being as I lost my old account due to that child protection act.

Meanwhile, I have come across the following Amazon Affiliate plugins that I have considered using at one point or another. These are in no particular order as I wrote ’em up as I found ’em.

Amazon Link Engine

The Amazon Link Engine plugin is the easiest way to convert all Amazon links on your WordPress site into globalized links that work across all Amazon storefronts. This means that all clicks from your international audience are sent to the appropriate item in their own local storefront, improving conversions.

In order to make commissions, you have to sign up for a GeniusLink account. Your first 14 days are free. After that, they give you the first 1000 clicks per month free and then you pay $10 for every 10,000 clicks.

Book Widget

You can upload your book cover image (or choose it from the WordPress Media Library if you’ve already uploaded it), enter the book title, and add links to 5 separate vendors:

  • Amazon
  • Nook
  • Kobo
  • iBooks
  • Google Play Books

A widget for that book appears in your sidebar with links to all of the vendors you entered. You can add as many book widgets as you would like.

This is great if you want books in your sidebar with all of the links for your reader to buy it right beneath it. Currently, I am only approved for Amazon so this plugin is not much use to me.

Totally Booked

So you’ve got an amazing book, and you want an easy way to market it on your web site? Now you can! The TotallyBooked plugin helps you present your books to readers in a classy, appealing way, while also supporting the book buyers and local bookstores who carry your book.

Seems like a good plugin for book authors.

Daily Free Kindle Books

Each day, we choose the best free Kindle books, and the plugin on your site is automatically updated (based on the category and # of books you choose to display).

Simply enter your Amazon Affiliate ID, and all links will automatically be converted to affiliate links with your ID. Although these are free books, all other purchases by visitors will earn you money.

Cons: If you a health blogger, you are in luck as this is the only category currently being offered. 

My Book Table

MyBookTable allows you to have your own bookstore that links to online bookstores where visitors can buy the book.

MyBookTable allows you to easily make great-looking book pages. Whether you want a list of books or a individual book page, MyBookTable gives you maximum control with minimum hassle.

MyBookTable makes it easy for visitors to like and share your books on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It also works with plugins like ShareThis.

For my needs, I would need to upgrade this plugin in order to use my affiliate links.


EasyAzon is the quickest way to create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress post editor. You can create text affiliate links direct to any product available for sale on without going through the tedious steps of manually creating links from within the website (huge time saver).

I think that I remember using this one before but for the life of me, I can’t remember why I stopped. It comes pretty close to what I seek and I just may upgrade it when my blogs take off.

Amazo Linkenator

AmazoLinkenator will automatically (without any effort on your part) add your Amazon Affiliate code to any Amazon URLs. This will happen for pages, posts, and comments (depending on your settings below).

This plugin looks good for my needs. My only concern is that it doesn’t go back and do the older Amazon Associate Links.  I do like that if a commentor tries to be sneaky or doesn’t add a code, it will automatically append my code to the link. Nice.

Remove Amazon Links from RSS Feed

Removes all links to in the RSS feed so you will be in compliance with Amazon’s Affiliate TOS. According to Amazon you may not use their affiliate links in any email, rss feed, etc. All the original links will still appear within a normal blog post or page.

What?? I didn’t know that we couldn’t have the links show up clickable in RSS!!! Geesh, half my clicks come from my readers clicking in the email. And I thought all of those bloggers were sending me to their website first and then to Amazon in order to increase their traffic numbers. Leave and learn, huh.

Amazon Affiliate Tag

Amazify is a very simple plugin that will edit any Amazon link in all posts to add your affiliate tag. If there is already an affiliate tag in the link, the plugin will replace it with yours.

In addition you can tell him to automatically add a nofollow attribute and/or a target=”_blank”.

You don’t need to check anymore every single Amazon links you or other writers added in your posts !

Yay! I found it!!! I am sooo in love with this plugin. So easy. Just enter my Amazon Publisher ID, then I clicked the box to make it NoFollow, clicked the box to make it open each link in a new page and I was done!! Yippee!!! I even checked old, old, old posts and the links were changed.

Book Review

Book Review saves you time when writing your reviews. No more copying and pasting or manually entering the details of a book. Instead, you provide the ISBN, and Book Review will automatically populate information like title, author, and even the cover photo for you.

If you’re interested in throwing monetization into the mix, Book Review can help with its custom links feature. Just enter the affiliate URLs for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other online store, and Book Review will take care of adding the links to each of your reviews.

One of the most powerful features of Book Review is the ability to add custom fields to each of your reviews. Custom fields enable you to review movies, music, TV shows and so much more!

The tide appears to be turning on my luck. I can monetize this one. Yippee!! Plus, it can be used for more than just books. Double Yippee!!!


Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Amazon Product In a Post Plugin is used to to quickly add a formatted Amazon Product/Item to a post or page by using just the Amazon product ASIN (also known as the ISBN-10). What can you use it for? With this plugin you can:

  • Add any Amazon product or item to an existing Post (or Page).
  • Monetize your blog posts with custom Amazon Product and add your own Reviews, descriptions or any other thing you would normally want to add to a post – and still have the Amazon product there.
  • Easily add only the items that are right for your site.
  • Add the product to the TOP of the post content, the BOTTOM of the post content, or make the post content become part of the product layout (see screenshots for examples)
  • You can add as many products as you want to any existing page/post content using a Shortcode – see Installation or FAQ page for details.

If you have an Amazon Affiliate account and you don’t think the available Amazon widgets are that great or are what you need, then this plugin might be for you.

Oh, I like this one. Although it is a bit confusing to get set up. It will be great for my free books posts as well as my Reading Order pages.


AzonBox will enable you to add beautiful call to action box on your website. The pre-designed call to action box increase conversion rate up to 25%!

Hm. I added it and I’m sure that I’ll figure out a concrete way to use it. For now, I’m getting a bit tired. So, as it is almost 10 pm, I’m going to call it a night. Let me know if you find any other Amazon Associate plugins that I might like. Paid ones are fine but y’all know I like things F.R.E.E.

April 4th, 2016

Blogging Goals for April 2016

I have been ignoring this blog.

Actually, I have been lapse on all of my blogs but this one in particular took the brunt of my neglect.

I mean, my last post  on joining my Amablogger Tribe was Oct 5 2015, nearly 6 months ago. (Missed the 6 months mark by 1 day. Uh…go me?!?! )

I mean, it is a pretty enough post but, come on….I can do better than that. Geesh.

And to make matters worse, when I did attempt to login over the weekend, the whole website was gone.

Nowhere to be found.

And I had absolutely no clue whatsoever on how to fix it.

I actually considered just scrapping this blog entirely and just putting up similar posts on my personal blog.

Luckily, those folks over at Dreamhost are a wiz at fixing these types of things and here I am, up and ruining.

Plus, I am so absolutely in love with this blog’s color scheme and it took me forever to get it to look just so.

Well, almost just so as they had to deactivate my plugins (yes, all of them!) to get me back up and I have to go through each one of them to see which one is causing the problem.

(Insert rude one finger salute to all those who think blogging is not a real job here.)

My Blogging Goals April 2016

Anywho, I have set myself to goals for this year broken down into monthly not only for this blog but for my other blogs as well.

Ironically, most of the goals are not going to be about monetization but I am hoping that the end result will…well…result in much money.

What God has put together let no man tare asunder.

So, let’s get started, shall we.


  • Journal my blogging journal every day
  • Write at least one “how to” or “review” post a week.
  • Fix that pesky plugin problem
  • Start a linkup


  • Write one post a week
  • Fix the header
  • Insert a special google adsense code in the center of my top 10 most popular posts



  • Write one blog post every for every day of the week
  • Fix the header
  • Check out what the competition is doing

Social Goals

My other goals are just generic social activities to bring my self more traffic and comments.

  • Continue using the Facebook blogging groups on weekends only
  • Read blogs that I subscribe to via email and leave thoughtful comments
  • Decide on a unified brand look for every blog
  • Make an image for every post and pin it
  • On Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon spend 10 minutes on each everyday  reading and sharing other people’s stuff
  • Add my posts to as many linkups as possible
  • Make sure that my Buffer stays full of my posts everyday
  • Cross promote my blogs as possible

These goals, considering that I have an entire month, seem entirely doable to me since they are all tiny, bite sized nibblets of work.

Is there anything I’m missing? More I should be doing? Something that I should be spending less time doing? Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions. I’m here to learn…just like you.

October 5th, 2015

Join the AmaBlogger Tribe

Since early summer 2015, I have been a member of various blog groups that have brought great traffic to my lifestyle blog.

I have received everything from website visits to blog comments to followers on my social networks.

I love having other bloggers as my tribe and I love being in the tribe of other bloggers.

So, I created my own Facebook group to start my own personal tribe of active bloggers seeking to succeed together.

Amablogger- Amateur Blogger Tribe

In keeping with traditions of the other groups, my tribe offers daily threads:

  • Website visits
  • Alexa Drop
  • Click through
  • Comments
  • StumbleUpon Stumbles
  • Twitter retweet
  • Pinterest repin
  • Facebook share

I am also offering weekly follow threads:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Friends
  • Facebook Fanpages
  • Bloglovin
  • Instagram
  • StumbleUpon
  • Subscriber

Today, I just launched a monthly Website Review thread as well as Ask a Blog Question thread.

I am always adding new ideas for new threads. If you have any suggestions for threads, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Click here to join the AmaBlogger Tribe on Facebook.



August 20th, 2015

Linky List

Linky List

Here’s a list of blogs that currently run daily, weekly, monthly, type, or even special occasion blog hop linkups.

This is a generic list and I am working on individual link-up lists based on when (ie, day of the week, special occasion, etc.)

If you run a blog party, feel free to leave a link in the comments and I will add you to the list. :-)

Master Linky List of Blog Hop, Blog Parties, and Blog Linkups

MsCrookedHalo (that’s me!!)

I Bring You Traffic Blog Hop

I pin, tweet, and call to action clicks to the posts in the linkup to bring every blog traffic.

Income and Stat Reports

My monthly report of my lifestyle blog’s income report and future goals. I also like reading blog income reports so link yours up all month long.


Bewitchin’ Projects

Orginial DIY projects, recipes, kids crafts, organization, decor, etc.



The Sunday Social

Anything family friendly goes! Sunday morning 00:01


Monday Madness

 Family friendly

 1am GMT Monday morning


Merry Monday

Recipes, Crafts, DIY, and helpful tips/tricks. Giveaways welcome.

Sunday 6pm PST


Inspire Me Mondays

Any family friendly post

Monday, 8:00am CST


MeetUp Monday

Any family friendly post (up to 2); no reviews, giveaways, or other linkups

Monday mornings generally before 8am EST

Its Overflowing

Inspire Me Monday

Anything that inspires and might inspire

Begins Sunday Afternoon.

Marvelous Mondays

Recipes, crafts or DIY projects. Please link something that you made. No giveaways or shops

Sunday at 6pm EST

Clever Chicks Blog Hop

Clever ideas, DIY projects, recipes, tutorials, decorating tips, stories, etc

Starting Sunday nights (no specific time)

August 12th, 2015

Deleting WordPress Hello World post

When WordPress first makes your website, it automatically makes a Hello World post.

How to delete the WordPress Hello World post.

Unless you want the world to know just how much of a total newb you truly are, you probably want to delete this post immediately.

Actually, you can either delete it or change it into your very first post.

We’ll start with deleting  the Hello World post as that’s the simplest method.

On your dashboard, look Posts => All Posts

How to delete or edit the WordPress Hello World Post

Unless you have already written a post, the Hello World post should be the only post on your list.

Click in the empty box beside the Hello World Post and a little check mark should appear.

Click the drop down arrow beside Bulk Actions.

Select Move To Trash.

Click Apply.

Presto. Change-o.

The post is gone.

When you go to your home page, the post is no longer there.

Of course, there is always the option of just changing the post to one of your own writing.

Instead of clicking the check-box, you will hover your mouse over the words Hello World.

How to delete or edit the WordPress Hello World Post

The words Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View will appear.

Edit will open the post to, well, edit it.

Quick Edit will open a small menu of things that you may change from this screen.

Trash will put the post in your trash (aka delete. Forgot about this method till now.)

View will take you to the blog post (hold down your control button while clicking  if you want the page to open in a new tab)

For the purposes of editing the post, we, of course, want to click the edit button.

(After you click Edit, a box will appear instructing you on distraction free writing. Distraction free writing will fill your whole screen with your post. That’s your choice.)

How to delete or edit the WordPress Hello World post.

The Post page is a busy little page.

In the first box that currently reads Hello World is the title of your post.

Change that to the title of your post.

If you leave it blank, it will automatically populate to match the title of the post when you click Update.

(Note: If this was a blank post that you were starting from scratch but did not type in a title for the post, WordPress will autofill it with the post number. Just be aware to edit the permalink before clicking Publish, Schedule, or Update)

Below that post is your permalink (the web address of each individual post).

By clicking the edit button on the right of the permalink, you can change it to match the title of your new post.

Below the permalink is Add Media, the button the allows you to add photos to your post.

Below Add Media are buttons that should be familiar to most users as they are the same as typing in Microsoft Word.

Bold. Italic. Strike through. UnderlineEven hyperlink to another post on your blog or another website altogether.

Too see more text toolbars (such as underline), click the last box on the row to toggle them on.

Underneath the text toolbar, is the box where you type your post.

As in, this is where I typed this entire post.

Your Hello World post reads Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Go ahead and delete that and type whatever message your first official post will have.

To the right of the text box are your Publish buttons.

You can save the post as a draft.

Change the visibility of the post to password protective or private.

If this is a post that you want to be at the top at all times, you can put a checkbox beside Stick this post to the front page.

Clicking the Preview button will open up another tab where you can see your post in preview mode.

Usually, this is pretty close to what the post will look like when it goes live.

You can also adjust the time that the post is published.

You can set it to come out any time in the future.

You can set it as if it had come out some time in the past.

The time is set to when you first started writing the post, so if you do nothing at all, that is the time that will show when you click Publish, Schedule, or Update.

And if you think that post is the most utter rubbish that you have ever written in your life, you can click Move To Trash and its gone.

August 11th, 2015

How to change your permalinks and why

After you change your tagline, the next step that you need to take is to change your permalinks.

Settings => Permalinks

How to change your permalinks and why

I always set my permalinks to Custom Structure and type /%postname% in the box.

Your permalinks should always be your post name for search engine optimization purposes but also for the readability of the user.

The date is a hindrance because:

  • It looks neat and organized,
  • It makes it easier if you ever want to recycle a post (say, if wordpress changes the way to do permalinks, I can simply update this post easily), and
  • Again, no one cares what date you wrote the post. Lol. I’ve read posts that have been years old but the information was still valid.

Next up,  Deleting WordPress Hello World post

August 10th, 2015

How to change your WordPress tagline

Whether you have already wrote and published your first post or you decided to concentrate on the ascetics, here are the first things you should do to your WordPress blog.

Update your WordPress Tagline:

 Under Settings => General

How to change the tagline on your wordpress blog

Your tagline appears underneath the name of your blog.

It should represent exactly what your blog is about.

Amablogger’s tagline is Diary of An Amateur Blogger.

Don’t worry if your purpose of your blog evolves in the future as your tagline can be easily changed.

You can even leave it blank if you have absolutely no clue what your blog is going to be about.

Some themes even allow you to upload images and you may have put the blog name and tagline on the image instead.

In that case, you will need to consult your theme on whether or not you have to delete the title or tagline.

The theme that I use, Atahualpa, can hide or show the tagline with the click of a button.

Next up How to change your permalinks and why